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Kingdom of PMOs: Steering Saudi Arabia Towards Vision 2030

In an era where the world is gradually moving away from traditional energy sources, Saudi Arabia stands at a defining juncture. Having been historically dependent on the petroleum sector since the discovery of oil in 1945, the Kingdom faces a transformative crossroads. Mid- to long-term global demand for oil will decrease as we move onto

You Will Excel in Project Management with an Authentic & Effective Leadership Style

“Jake, hi, how are you? Would you have 2 minutes for me? I have good news I would like to share with you!" A business-smartly dressed man talking on his phone just behind my back had suddenly caught my interest. In my experience, airports are wonderful places when it comes to learning about the behaviors

Do PMOs Need to Be Afraid of Generative AI?

In recent years, Project Management Offices (PMOs) have really taken off in the business world. Almost all organizations have one or more of these project-oriented units that support projects of all kinds and management in taking the appropriate decisions. Nonetheless, many PMO officers have often been concerned about the survival of their PMO in recent

Leading Change: Effective Change Management Practices

Change Management is a well-known term for managers in the business world. And every manager has to practice it in a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.  The initial letters form the acronym VUCA introduced by the U.S. Army War College in the 1990s. VUCA impacts companies and necessitates change management to keep