AIPMO is the Association of International Project Management Officers, a non-for profit association representing International Project Management Officers (IPMO), including project, program, and portfolio managers involved in defining, establishing and running high performing Project Management Offices (PMOs) in and across  industry sectors.

The AIPMO association is actively involved in identifying the building blocks and constructing them with the long term aim of helping to create PMO management as a profession.  Referring to the figure below, the building blocks and relationship between them shows the progress made in this endeavor.


Our Vision is to identify and put into place the building blocks for PMO management to become a recognized international profession

Our mission is to advance the theory, design, and implementation of high performing collaborative PMOs to empower PMO professionals create sustainable measurable organizational impact.

Our strategy is build and evolve AIPMO’s PMO strategic lifecycle framework through research, development and partnering in parallel to determining and establishing the building blocks in creating PMO Management as a profession.

  • To publish the majority of the books that constitute AIPMO’s Body of Knowledge by Dec. 2022
  • 25 graduates in PMO Management from SBS Swiss Business school by 2023 with another 30 in their doctoral studies
  • 5 research topics incorporates within the next version of the training materials Dec. 2021
  • Partner network that offers all AIPMO certifications by Dec. 2022
  • Partner network that does not require PMO professionals to travel more than 6 hours to attend an AIPMO certification course by Dec 2024
  • 5 CEOs who have spent a substantial amount of the career in PMO Management by 2025

ACE stands for Advisor – Consultant-Expert, who are internationally recognized professionals in the area of PMOs and Projects Programs and Portfolios.

ACEs are selected and certified by AIPMO but are a training resource for all AIPMO training partners.



Senior Lecturer at the School of Management at QUT Business School in Brisbane, Australia.

Anna Wiewiora is a Lecturer in School of Management, currently teaching two subjects of: Leading Organisations (MGB200) and Working in Business (BSB124).

Anna uses applied research to solve practical problems with the current focus on improving organisational learning and knowledge development processes in project-based organisations.

Prior to joining QUT, Anna was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Southern Cross University working on a large scale CRC project supported by the Collaborative Research Centre for Integrated Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM) and completed this appointment in August 2013.

Anna’s PhD thesis was recognised and awarded the University Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award for 2012, for its outstanding contribution to the discipline and high quality research design. The findings drawn from her research provide a number of contributions to the body of knowledge and practice, including: (1) a more comprehensive and holistic view of inter-project knowledge sharing, (2) a new theory on interrelations between the concepts of organisational culture, the three dimensions of trustworthiness, and a range of knowledge sharing mechanisms in inter-project knowledge sharing, and (3) a number of practical recommendations for project-based organisations to improve their knowledge sharing practices. As a part of the CRC project,

Anna developed Integrated Strategic Asset Management for Experts (ISAM for Xperts), which represents research on best practice and benchmarks for Integrated Strategic Asset Management and addresses real challenges faced by governments and organisations engaged in the delivery of large infrastructure projects while providing a clear action plan that guides practitioners on achieving effective asset management outcomes.

Anna is actively engaged in cross-disciplinary international collaboration with a number of excellent researchers in project management.

Principal research areas:

  • Knowledge management and knowledge governance in project based organisations
  • Inter-project knowledge sharing
  • Organisational learning
  • Organisational culture, and trust in the workplace


Ph.D. and professor at the School of Business and Management, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)

Monique Aubry Ph.D. is professor at the School of Business and Management, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She teaches in graduate programs in project management and in the executive MBA program. Her main research interest bears on organizing for projects and organizational design, more specifically on Project Management Offices (PMO). The results of her work have been published in major academic journals in project management and presented at several research and professional conferences. She is member of the Project Management Research Chair (www.pmchair.uqam.ca) and the UQAM’s Health and Society Institute. In 2012, she received the IPMA Research Award for her research on Project Management Offices. Before joining UQAM, Monique Aubry was senior project manager in a major Canadian financial group for more than 20 years. Until recently, she was member of the PMI’s Standards Advisory Group and the Research Inform Steering Committee. She is senior editor for Project Management Journal. She is involved in the local PMI community of practices on Organizational project management where she promotes engaged scholarship and reflexivity between professionals and researchers



Professor of Project Management and former Associate Dean at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo

Ralf Müller is Professor of Project Management and former Associate Dean at BI Norwegian Business School – Oslo – Norway, as well as adjunct and visiting professor at many other institutions worldwide. He lectures and researches in PMO, leadership, governance, organizational project management, and research methods, which is also the subject of his approximately 200 academic publications. Among the awards, Prof. Müller received in 2016 the PMI Fellow of the Institute Award, in 2015 the PMI Research Achievement Award (a life-time achievement award), in 2012 IPMA Research Award which he received together with Profs. Monique Aubry and Brian Hobbs (University of Quebec á Montreal) for their studies on PMOs, and 2009 Project Management Journal Best Paper of the Year Award. Before joining academia, he spent 30 years in the industry consulting with large enterprises and governments in more than 50 different countries for their project management, governance, and PMOs. He also held related line management positions, such as the Worldwide Director of Project Management at NCR Corporation.

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PhD, Professor of Project Management and Leadership and Chairman and Founder of the Diamond Leadership Institute

Dr. Shenhar is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in technology and project management, innovation, strategy, and leadership. He holds five academic degrees in engineering and management, including three degrees from Stanford University and two from the Technion. He was named, “Engineering Manager of the Year,” by the Engineering Management Society of IEEE. He was the first recipient of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Research Achievement Award as well as the recent International Project Management Association (IPMA) Research Achievement Award. Dr. Shenhar was also awarded a PMI Fellow Award and is a Fellow of NASA Science Council of Project Management Research. Dr. Shenhar is also an experienced manager and executive. He served in the Navy, before joining the defense industry, where he has been involved in managing projects, innovation, R&D, and high-tech businesses for almost 20 years. Working for Rafael, Advanced Defense Systems, he participated in all phases of engineering and management — from project manager up through the highest executive posts. As executive, he served as Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, and later, President of the Electronic Systems Division. In his second career of over 20 years in academia, he was a tenured professor, serving at several universities where he founded new programs in Project and Technology Management, among them Stevens Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, University of Minnesota. Dr. Shenhar’s research has focused on project and program management, technology and innovation management and leadership of professionals in technology-based organizations. Based on his extensive research, he developed the methods of Strategic Project Leadership(R) and the “Diamond of Innovation,” which teach corporations how to focus projects and innovations on business results and adapt their management processes to the specific goal and context. He is the lead author of the best selling book, “Reinventing Project Management,” published by Harvard Press, and selected among the top best five business books of the year. With over 150 publications, which were cited more than 10000 times and published in leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Management Science, Sloan Management Review, Research Policy, or IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, his writings have influenced project and technology leadership research and education around the world. His publications are highly regarded and used in the curriculum of a growing number of corporations and universities. He served as consultant to major corporations such as 3M, Honeywell, AT&T, Trane, Dow Jones & Co., US Army, NASA, NSA, Lockheed Martin, Merck, Intel, Amdocs, Tata, and the Aerospace Industry.


PhD, Adjunct Professor – Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at Technical University of Berlin

Hans Georg Gemünden serves as Chairman of Innovation and Technology Management of Technical University of Berlin. Dr. Gemünden serves as a Member of Supervisory Board of Thyssenkrupp Technologies AG. Publications: Lettl, Christopher, Gemünden, Hans Georg (2005): The entrepreneurial role of innovative users. In Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 20 (7) pp. 339-346. – Hamel, Winfred, Gemünden, Hans Georg (2001): Außergewöhnliche Entscheidungen, Verlag Franz Vahlen,




Ralf Müller is Professor of Project Management and former Associate Dean at BI Norwegian Business School – Oslo – Norway, as well as adjunct and visiting professor at many other institutions worldwide. He lectures and researches in PMO, leadership, governance, organizational project management, and research methods, which is also the subject of his approximately 200 academic publications. Among the awards he received are the 2015 PMI Research Achievement Award (a life-time achievement award), the 2012 IPMA Research Award which he received together with Profs. Monique Aubry and Brian Hobbs (University of Quebec á Montreal) for their studies on PMOs, and the 2009 Project Management Journal Best Paper of the Year Award. Before joining academia, he spent 30 years in the industry consulting with large enterprises and governments in more than 50 different countries for their project management, governance, and PMOs. He also held related line management positions, such as the Worldwide Director of Project Management at NCR Corporation.



James started his career in industry, in international and then national sales and marketing management roles (including product management), before entering management consulting, where he worked on a number of high profile engagements for multinational organisations.

He specializes in end-to-end strategy, from setting direction, analysis, making choices, implementing plans and evaluating results.

He has designed and delivered learning interventions since 2002, including open enrollment and in company training, professional development short courses, as well as non-accredited and accredited university certificate programms between levels four and seven of the European Qualification Framework (graduate to post graduate studies level).

With experience in over 35 countries on four continents, across a wide range of industry sectors, including private sector, NGO, university and the public sector, James is able to relate to most people and establish good working relationships.

James holds a Certificate in Management Studies, a Master of Science degree in Consulting, is a Project Management Professional (PMP® awarded by the Project Management Institute), holds the prestigious IPMO-E certificate and is a full member of the Association for Project Management (MAPM).

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Dr. Robert Joslin – Professor, Founder of the Association of International PMOs and the co-author of the AIPMO body of knowledge©, PfMP®, PgMP®, IEEE, CEng is a project/program/portfolio management consultant, instructor, and academic researcher. He has 20 plus years in designing, initiating project and program management delivery of large-scale business transformation, reengineering, infrastructure, strategy development initiatives including winning prizes for ideas and product innovation. Previously, he has been a consultant in wide-range of industries including telecom, banking, insurance, manufacturing, and direct marketing whilst working for McKinsey & Co, Logica and his own consulting company.

Robert has published many books, chapters and research papers in the field of project, program and portfolio management and presents his research at conferences such as PMI® research and the European management conference (EURAM). He won the best paper award for EURAM – PMI® and IPMA conference in 2015. Robert is the founder and organizer of the annual PMI® Swiss program management conferences which is the biggest PMI® event in Switzerland where researchers and senior practitioners present their latest findings.

In addition, Robert is a peer reviewer for research papers submitted to PMI’s Project Management Journal® and the International Journal of Project Management, which are the top two research journals for projects, programs, and portfolios. As a trainer/coach Robert has trained many PMO, project and program managers in Europe, USA and the Middle East including using in his own developed PMO information structuring methodology aligned and complementing the PMI® standards. Robert in the process of authoring a book on Portfolio, Program and Project management Success Factors based on ten years of academic research.



Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP, PMI Fellow, is the founder and Managing Partner of BUCERO PM Consulting. He managed IIL Spain for almost two years, and he was a Senior Project Manager at Hewlett-Packard Spain (Madrid Office) during thirteen years. Alfonso is a PMI member, and a member of ALI (Asociación de Licenciados, Ingenieros y Doctores en Informática). Alfonso was the founder, Sponsor and President of PMI Barcelona, Spain Chapter until April 2005, and he is an IPMA Assessor. He was a member of the CoPAT (Congress Project Action Team) of PMI EMEA 2005 Congress in Edinburgh, 2006 PMI EMEA Congress in Madrid, and PMI EMEA Congress in Budapest. He was graduated in the “Leadership Institute Master Class 2007” in October 2007 in Atlanta (PMI Global Congress). He was the second President of PMI Madrid Spain Chapter. He was a PMI Component Mentor for Region 8 South during three years, and a PMIEF Engagement Committee Member. He received the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award on October 9th, 2010. He also received the PMI Fellow Award on October 22nd, 2011 and the PMI Eric Jenett Excellence Award on October 28th, 2017. Alfonso has a Computer Science Engineering degree by “Universidad Politécnica (Madrid)”, a Master Science in Project Management by Zaragoza University (Industrial Engineering School), and now he is working on his PhD. in “Project Management” at the ISM University in Lithuania. He has 35 years of practical experience and twenty-nine of them in project management worldwide. He has managed and consulted projects in different countries along Europe. Since 1994, he is a frequent speaker at International PM Congresses and Symposiums. Alfonso has delivered PM training and consulting services in Spain, Mexico, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Costa Rica, Brazil, USA, and Singapore. As Project Management believer, he defends that Passion, Persistence, and Patience are keys for project success. He authored the book “Dirección de Proyectos, una nueva vision” published by “LITO GRAPO Editors) in IIL Mexico on June 2003. And he is a contributor to Chapter 7 of the book “Creating the Project Office”. Published on February 2003 by Jossey-Bass Editors (San Francisco/California), authored by Robert J. Graham., Paul Dinsmore and Randall L. Englund. Alfonso co-authored with Randall L. Englund the book “Project Sponsorship” published by Josse- Bass Editors by May 2006. He has authored the book “Today is a Good Day” – Attitudes for achieving project success, published by Multimedia Publishing in Canada on last February 2010. He has also contributed to some professional magazines in Russia (SOVNET), India (ICFAI), Argentina and Spain. Alfonso co-authored with Randall L. Englund the book “The Complete Project Manager” and “The Complete Project Manager Toolkit” that was published by Management Concepts last March 2012. Alfonso got published the book: “The Influential Project Manager” on the first quarter of 2014 by CRC Editors in the US. On 2015 wrote a new edition of the Project Sponsorship book co-authored with Randall L. Englund. On April 2017 he got published the book “TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER” through Motivational Press Editors. On January 2019 he got published his book Passion, Persistence and Patience through BEP (Business Expert Press) in the USA. Alfonso has published several articles at national and international PM magazines. He has been a Contributing editor of PM Network (Crossing Borders) during six years, published by the “Project Management Institute”.



Regionally recognized as a Portfolio, Program, Project Management, and PMO expert and a world-class speaker, Mohammed Khalifa possesses a combination of technical knowledge and broad-based business management skills, gained from more than twenty years of experience in strategic planning & business management. Mohamed has used internationally acclaimed standards to successfully manage complex projects. With a rich history of working with multinational companies, Mohammed has also gained valuable experience in dealing with a culturally diverse workforce. Mohamed has managed and supported strategic planning and implementation in Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. He has worked across many sectors including IT, Research, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Government. Mohamed has developed, implemented and operated many Project/Program Management Offices (PMO), conducted OPM3 assessment and implement Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) MS Project 2007, 2010 and 2013. He has hands-on experience in automation of project planning, control, reporting and contract administration through Primavera / Microsoft Enterprise Project Management. Mohamed was the first certified Program Management Professional (PgMP), PMI certified Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP), PMI certified Agile Practitioner (PMI-ACP) and Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) and Organization Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) Assessor and Consultant in Kuwait. Mohamed participated as a Global Sustainability track Chair in PMI North America Global Congress in 2011 and in PMI EMEA Global Congress in 2012. Mohamed Khalifa is an aPRO Recognized Assessor from American Society for the Advanced Project Management. Mohamed Khalifa is PMI LMC Alumni in 2013



Simon Harris is a project management veteran with nearly 40 years of experience in projects gained within large-scale blue-chip environments across defense engineering, oil & gas, finance and banking IT, government and not for profit. Simon’s training deliveries include in person and virtual learning deliveries. Titles range from Strategic Alignment and Program Management to Leading Complex Projects and Rapid Assessment and Recovery of Troubled Projects as well as both PMP certification, PRINCE2 and PRINCE2Agile certification and basic beginners ‘Managing Projects’. Simon’s background is 11years in the London Stock Exchange’s IT function as developer and Project Manager (1979-1990) and for the years since has contracted for and consulted with clients such as GE, the UN FAO, and many similar large scale blue-chip organizations or their supply-chain. Simon set-up his first PMO in 1999 in the insurance industry and now specializes in sharing his experience of behaviors, attitudes, tools and techniques that are helpful in building teams to deliver in complex projects, programs and organizations. Simon’s interest is cross-organizational competency development incorporating individual skills development into improved organizational ability via relationship building, organizational maturity and governance structures overseeing mixed predictive and agile development approaches. Simon has designed, constructed and delivered organizational project and program capability development programs in organizations such as BAE and ABB.



Eileen works with Boards, Executives, Sponsors, Project Managers, Project Teams and PMOs to improve their program and project delivery capability. Her approach ensures that a pragmatic approach is taken to program and project delivery, grounded in research and best practice, tailored to suit the culture and maturity of the organization. She works across a wide range of industry sectors including transport, defense, financial services, pharmaceuticals, defense, utilities, and the public sector. Eileen has 15 years practitioner experience in a variety of project management roles (predominantly PMO management) along with IT and functional HR roles, with a variety of UK, EMEA, and global responsibilities. Her practical experience is supported by both academic and professional certifications including a Masters in Applied Project Management (with distinction), AIPMO-E, PRINCE2®, MSP®, MoP®, Managing Benefits®, Better Business Cases®, Program and Project Sponsorship®. She is now a Consulting Director of PMO Learning, AIPMO’s UK partner. She is the Author of P3O® Best Management Practice and co-author of AIPMO’s PMO Principles, Knowledge Management in a Project Environment, along with a contribution to many APM publications. She is a frequent conference speaker throughout UK and Europe.”



Holger is an expert interim manager, advisor and leader on governance and portfolio/change management, PMO, IT Operating Models, and IT4IT. Holger has an  exceptional track record of leading, designing, delivering and assuring large and challenging programmes around business and IT digital transformation, organisational design, portfolio management, IT management, IT finance management and transformation, regulatory, compliance and business and IT process improvement, articulately within the  financial services sector. Holger operates at senior management and executive board levels, with the ability to gain the confidence of stakeholders, influence decisions and deliver results. Experienced in managing multiple assignments, and leading multi-cultural teams in cross-border and post-merger integration scenarios, Holger provides leadership and practical insight at various conferences and events about all aspects of portfolio/change management and the different variants of PMOs.

Holger’s industry background is in financial services, where he spent over 5 years in various roles in retail and private banking, including setting up and running an operations department while also introducing new banking software. He also performed the role of the risk controller.

Holger started his consulting career in Coopers and Lybrand, focusing on regulatory compliance and operational risk, before involvement in the post-merger integration team at European level. In PwC he set-up his first PMO at global level, preparing the separation of PwC Consulting from PwC before taking up multiple other roles assessing, designing, setting-up and running PMOs.

After a few years in the software industry, including the role of EMEA Practice Manager for PPM in HP, Holger joined Accenture as a specialist for PPM; within a year he led the global practice for Governance and PPM.

Since 2016, Holger operates as an independent management consultant, providing consulting and training services around portfolio/change management, including PMOs. He has developed his own capability model for enterprise-wide portfolio management.

Holger is known for rapidly building rapport with his clients, enabling him to gain understanding of their needs, and to deliver effective solutions. His leadership skills enable him to effectively manage and motivate teams by identifying and capitalising on each team member’s strength.