AIPMO is the Association of International Project Management Officers, founded in 2015, representing International Project Management Officers (IPMO), including project, program, and portfolio managers involved in defining, establishing, and running high-performing Project Management Offices (PMOs) in and across industry sectors.

Our VISION is to identify and put into place the building blocks for PMO management to become a recognized international profession.

Our MISSION is to advance the theory, design, and implementation of high-performing collaborative PMOs to empower PMO professionals to create sustainable measurable organizational impact.

Our STRATEGY is to build and evolve AIPMO’s PMO set of integrated lifecycle frameworks through research, development, and partnering in parallel to determining and establishing the building blocks in creating PMO Management as a profession.


From 1995

Developed a PMO methodology that has evolved over 15 years from the development of the Swiss Stock Exchange. Used in many PMOs over the years.


Developed four databases integrated into the overall PMO methodology. Evolved the methodology including an information structuring methodology.


AIPMO was founded in Zürich, Switzerland, on the lake of Zürich.


Developed the first version of the PMO Lifecycle framework and the concept of a research-driven “leading standard.” Developed the concept of the three categories of certifications (Core, Specialist, and Foundational) and wrote the first set of materials of IPMO-P (Practitioner) and IPMO-E (Expert) core certifications. The IPMO-E was given in Riyadh in May 2016 and soon followed by IPMO-P in October 2016.

Developed the designations for the three categories of certifications.


AIPMO produced the world’s first PMO Principles Booklet, which was based on concepts developed by Dr. Robert Joslin and Dr. Ralf Müller for writing principles-based standards.

Developed the second part of the Strategic PMO Lifecycle framework called the “PMO Services Lifecycle” framework using a services-oriented architecture. Developed a set of research complemented materials aligned to the framework. Gave the first IPMO-F (Foundation) core certification based on the PMO Services Lifecycle framework.


Created two of the three foundational certifications: Services and Capabilities (SC-IPMO) and Consulting Frameworks (CF-IPMO). Services and Capabilities (SC-IPMO) is based on the PMO Services Lifecycle framework and leverages the PMO Services and Capabilities book (at the time was in draft). The Consulting Frameworks (CF-IPMO) is based on management consulting frameworks and techniques.


Launched the third and last category of courses – the specialist courses. The specialist courses are written for both project and PMO professionals as well as functional professionals. The specialist courses are aligned to the PMO Services and Capabilities book (in draft at the time of writing). The specialist courses are designated IPMO-S with a number that indicates a level, e.g, IPMO-S1.


AIPMO is developing a PMO “research-driven” standard (called a leading standard) based on research and expert knowledge, which is being tested and improved using a continual improvement process. Three other books are at various stages of writing, so it will be a multi-year journey.


AIPMO registered office:

Sihleggstrasse 23, Wollerau, Schwyz 8832, Switzerland

Email: info@aipmo.org

Tel: +41 445188123


Dr. Robert Joslin

Dr. Robert Joslin, Ph.D., CEng, AIPMO-E, PfMP®, PgMP®, PMP®, is a management consultant/instructor and the founder of AIPMO. He publishes books, book chapters, and research papers in the field of PMOs, leadership, project, program, and portfolio management. Robert presents academic and practitioner conferences and is a peer reviewer of the three research journals in project management and PMO management. Robert is the founder of AIPMO and is in the process of co-authoring an international “leading” standard on PMOs for AIPMO as well as six books that constitute a body of knowledge in the area of PMOs. He has 20 plus years of experience in designing, initiating management delivery of business transformation, reengineering, infrastructure, and strategy development. He has won national prizes for ideas and product innovation. He develops and designs enterprise PMOs using various frameworks including AIPMO’s Strategic Framework for PMOs and Portfolios, Programs, and Projects. He previously worked as a consultant in telecom, banking, insurance, manufacturing, military defense, and direct marketing. He also worked for McKinsey & Co, Logica, and his own consulting company.

Dr. Lara M. Pair

Dr. jur. HSG Lara M. Pair, JD, LL.M., is an international legal specialist and former adjunct professor at Emory University Law School, UniMAIL Geneva, and the HSG MBA program, where she focused on international business transactions and alternative dispute resolution. She has published widely in the legal field in topics as diverse as arbitration, labor law, international business transactions, EU law, and debt collection. She is admitted to the Bars of Georgia, USA (since 2002), Frankfurt am Main, Germany (since 2008), and Zürich, Switzerland (since 2011). She holds a CAS in litigation and dispute resolution from Switzerland, an advanced degree in trusts, foundations, and company law from Liechtenstein, and a CAS in university didactics from Switzerland. She has also won several teaching awards. Since 2018, she is the managing partner of Pairfact Legal AG in Switzerland, where she focuses on her international clients. She serves as a member of the board for companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Ritu Chandna

Ritu has worked in the publishing and computer software industry for 16 years. She has edited journals, books, magazines, and training content. She is an expert in designing and building glossaries and Lexicons and running workshops and leading projects. She has worked with education developers in the past for ensuring basic instructional design principles, and also provided language training to technical writers, authors, and course developers, helping them communicate effectively.  Ritu also helps in creating content for PMO management books, articles, and case studies.

Dr. Martin Kiselicki

Dr. Martin Kiselicki is a teaching and research assistant at the Faculty of Economics – Skopje, at the University “Ss. Cyril & Methodious”, at the Chair of E-business. As part of his academic work, he has published many scientific paper in international journals, participated in various scientific international conferences and has taken part in several scientific research projects. The main focus of his research are Organizational sciences, with a special emphasis on gamification systems. Author of the e-book “Social media marketing”, published through the New Business Education foundation.

Dragan Lazarov

Dragan Lazarov, LL.M., is the Managing Partner of Law Office Lazarov in Skopje, North Macedonia. He holds an LL.M. from the University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje in Business Law and is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in International Business Law at the U.N. University for Peace and Development. Prior to private practice, he held the position of Head of the Legal department of the Government of North Macedonia and worked as the Chief of staff to the Deputy Prime Minister of North Macedonia in charge of European Affairs. His practice is focused on international clients in various sectors, such as energy, banking, advisory, pharma, construction, etc. Dragan specializes primarily in investment protection, alternative dispute resolution, financial law and capital markets, regulatory reforms, and government affairs.

Nancy Nouiameh

Nancy is a seasoned professional with over 24 years of experience, specializing in driving organizational transformation and promoting business excellence. As a Shingo Alumni, Chartered Business Excellence Expert, and certified Change Management Practitioner, her expertise lies in cultivating cultural change within organizations. Her extensive knowledge of Organizational Excellence Frameworks, Continuous Improvement Methodologies, and Integrated Management Systems, particularly ISO standards, fuels her passion for enhancing systems, processes, and people practices.



Ralf Müller – Chair

Professor of Project Management and former Associate Dean at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo


Anna Wiewiora

Senior Lecturer at the School of Management at QUT Business School in Brisbane, Australia


Monique Aubry

Professor at the School of Business and Management, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)


Aaron J. Shenhar

Professor of Project Management and Leadership and Chairman and Founder of the Diamond Leadership Institute


Hans Georg Gemünden

Adjunct Professor – Department of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at Technical University of Berlin


AIPMO has developed the ACE (Advisor, Consultant, Expert) certification program to ensure that the best trainers and consultants are selected for AIPMO’s accredited partners.

An ACE professional is someone who is nationally or internationally recognized because they have contributed and continue to contribute to the PMO and PPP community in terms of advising, presenting, teaching, publishing, and consulting using their expert knowledge. ACE professionals take a three-part exam where the first part is the IPMO-Expert exam, where they have to achieve 85% or high pass rate; then there are two further assignments: one consulting and the other an advisory assignment. ACE professionals are expected to help further the thinking and development of PMO management, which is reflected in AIPMO’s BOK and its implementation within industry and government.

AIPMO is responsible for running these ACE training courses to ensure that every AIPMO partner’s course facilitator understands the philosophy behind AIPMO, which is underpinned by our international experience of Projects, Programs, Portfolios (PPP) and PMOs. Once certified as an AIPMO Advisor, Consultant, and Expert (ACE) trainer, the course facilitator can work for any AIPMO certified partner.

Certified AIPMO ACE trainers have demonstrated their international impact through their track record, reputation, and participation on the AIPMO ACE expert training program, exam results, and case study.