AIPMO IPMO-Expert Certification (IPMO-E)

The International Project Management Officer I(PMO)® certification si the most important industry recognized certification series for project management officers and professionals working in or, associated with PMO activities and delivered services. There are three core certifications reflecting the level of competency: Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert, three foundational certifications and a specialist PMO certification series reflecting the unique demands on PMOs that bridge projects, programs and portfolios including the operational environment.

Certified AIPMO Experts have demonstrated, through a combination of formal training, workshop and competency assessment, that they have an in-depth understanding of PMO principles, theory and practices including the design, implementation and operation of complex PMO topologies and their respective PMO service topologies. IPMO-E© experts are typically at the PMO Director level/Consultant and this certification builds on the IPMO-F© foundation and the IPMO-P© practitioner certifications.


The course covers topics within strategy formulation and strategy execution especially frameworks, organizational design, PMO topologies and PMO services topologies. During the course any attendee can use their own organization’s PMO environment as input to the assessment of PMOs guided by AIPMO’s framework which uses multiple techniques. This work is then further developed as part of the day long workshop where if you chose you can develop your organization’s strategic design and optimized PMO topology/PMO services topology. Thought out the course the content of AIPMO’s Body of Knowledge is covered which will comprise of a series of books covering PMO Principles, Portfolio, Program and Project
Principles, PPP/PMO Techniques and Tools, PMO Services and Capabilities, PMO standard plus references to other books.

As a PMO expert, you will be able to assess PMOs in operation within the context of your organization, the project types they support, appropriate leadership styles, PMO functions including their ability to act as catalysts to knowledge sharing units that seed and support innovation groups whilst understanding the risks associated with long-term PMO performance. In doing so, will you will have an opportunity to find out why some PMOs might perform below expectations, what are the drivers for change, as well as learn how to improve individual and collective PMO performance in an organization to achieve maximum business value. You will be able to design and establish an enterprise-wide PMO strategy based on a PMO topology concept – modeled to your organization environment and from this develop your PMO services and capabilities based on the ‘Group PMO services and capabilities catalog’. You will also understand the content and purpose of key PMO document deliverables both at the group level and at individual PMO levels. Key documents from the course will be provided so you can use them immediately at your workplace to allow a quick start in building and running high performing enterprise-wide PMO organization.


What You Need to Know


5 Days












IPMO-E Certificate

  • Understand the value of the AIPMO Strategic Life-cycle framework® and how to apply it
    • Know how to create and implement an enterprise PMO Strategy
    • Work-through your PMO related organizational issues, develop a high-level PMO topology and PMO Services for your
    organization and get expert feedback on the process and outcome
    • Describe the different roles of PMOs in a single and networked context and across different levels of the organization
    • Understand PMO maturity and get insights into AIPMO’s new principle-based PMO Maturity model for one or more PMOs
    • Ability to use new frameworks like ‘strategy under uncertainty’ and apply them within the context of your organization
    • Understand the competencies required for the different levels of PMO responsibilities including the roles of project, program
    and functional managers
    • Understand how to spot and support under-performing PMOs
    • PMO Principles book and on-line access to AIPMO’s new ‘PMO Services and Capabilities’ book with over 200 PMO Services
  • PMO Directors
    • PMO Managers and advanced PMO Core team
    • Senior project/program management professionals
    • Senior consultants involved in projects and/or organizational
    • Project/program/portfolio managers with expertise in PMOs.
  • The training approach includes:
    • Lecture
    • Team exercises
    • Group discussions on pertinent topics
    • Detailed case study and one-day workshop
    • Presentations and role play
    • Personal coaching (if time allows)
    • Exam: 2 hours with 100 multiple choice questions

• 10 years of experience in project/program management
• 5 year plus as a PMO manager and/or PMO Director
• IPMO-P® certification, or PMI® PMP® (or higher i.e., PgMP®) or Prince2® (or higher i.e., MSP® or IPMA® (Levels C or higher i.e., B or A).
• Educated min. degree level, ideally MSc/MBA or DBA/PhD

  • Exam given at the end of the course moderated by the instructor
  • Open book exam 100 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 2 hours