IPMO-P 500X500

IPMO-Practitioner Certification (IPMO-P)

The International Project Management Officer (IPMO)® certification is the most important industry recognized certification series for project management officers and professionals working in or, associated with PMO activities and delivered services. There are three core certifications reflecting the level of competency: Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert, three foundational certifications and a specialist PMO certification series reflecting the unique demands on PMOs that bridge projects, programs and portfolios including the operational environment.

 Certified IPMO Practitioners have demonstrated, through a combination of formal training and competency assessment, that they have an in-depth understanding of PMO principles and practices including the design, implementation, and operation of a single PMO at any level or construct within an organization. This certification builds on the IPMO-F® foundation certification.


Since PMOs began to appear in organizations, academic researchers and project management practitioners have been asking how to best structure PMOs in terms of services, roles, governance, culture and leadership styles to provide  maximum sustainable benefit. This in turn drives the perceived value of PMOs across the organization.

The problem is that majority of recommendations to date have created confusion and resulted in  piecemeal approaches. The problem is that less than 33% of PMOs reach the full potential PMI® (2013) which indicates a limited understanding in how PMOs should be defined not only at the project, program and portfolio levels but also what they do, how they do it, and their configurations that optimally supports the organizational needs of today, and tomorrow. AIPMO and its partners’ experience* confirms that vast majority of PMOs are only offering about a third of the PMO services they should be offering. High-performing PMOs are more than three times as likely as their low-performing peers to reach their full potential in contributing business value to their organizations PMI® (2013). This course brings together the latest in academic research and expert practices from the international experts who have also contributed to international standards in the domains of PMOs, projects, programs and portfolios. The IPMO-P certification will ensure you have the competencies to bring your PMO into the high-performing PMO category.

The course covers topics of strategy formulation and execution, success factors, success criteria, PMOs and their services, assess-ment of the current PMO setups in terms of SWOT and then a roadmap to strategically design and implement a PMO using an integrated approach to ensure PMO alignment with organizational objectives. The content of AIPMO’s Body of Knowledge is covered which will comprise of a series of books covering PMO Principles, Portfolio, Program and Project Principles, PMO Techniques and Tools, PMO Services and Capabilities, plus references to other books.


As a PMO Practitioner, you will be able to design, establish or revalue your PMO, i.e., a set of services within the context of your organization and the projects you support. You will understand the key PMO documentation, how to define and measure PMO performance, PMO Success, PMO Benefits and PMO Value and link these to the latest thinking in AIPMO’ new principle-based PMO maturity model. In doing so, you will have the opportunity to find out why some PMOs might perform below expectations

and learn how to improve individual and collective PMO performance in an organization to achieve the maximum sustainable benefits.

This course is also designed to be hands-on, encompasses the day-to-day operational aspects of PMOs by detailing the challenges and good practices to improve communication and optimize service utilization. You will take away key documents from the course that can be used immediately at your workplace to carry out PMO strategic and operational reviews, as well as the day-to-day activities.

What You Need to Know


In-Class: 5 Days

Virtual: 30 Contact Hours









IPMO-P Certificate

  • Understand the importance of a Strategic PMO Lifecycle framework to design and run PMO services to achieve maximum sustainable benefits
  • Describe the different roles of PMOs across different levels of the organization
  • Hands-on workshop  experience  in  applying   the   Strategic  PMO  Lifecycle  framework  to your PMO  with an outcome of  an aligned set of PMO services that address your organization’s challenges
  • Gain experience  in  establishing  the  mandate  for  PMO  implementations
  • Understand the  drivers  of  PMO change  and  how  to  see  the  signs
  • Understand PMO Success and how it is measured
  • Understand the similarities and differences between organizational project management maturity and PMO Management maturity
  • Your own PMO improvement plan
  • Learn new techniques and tools never used before in the PMO arena
  • PMO Directors/PMO Managers
  • Project/Program Management Professional®
  • Consultants (involved in projects and/or organizational change)
  • Project/program/portfolio managers with expertise in PMOs
  • Experienced PMO Core team
In-Class training approach includes:


  • Lecture
  • Team exercises and one day workshop
  • Group discussions on pertinent topics
  • Detailed case study
  • Presentations and role play
  • Personal coaching (if time allows)
  • Exam – 1 hour 30 minutes with 75 multiple choice questions
Virtual Course teaching approach (delivered through AIPMO’s Learning Management System):


  • Lecture
  • Team exercises, polls, breakout rooms
  • Group discussions on pertinent topics
  • Detailed case study
  • Presentations and role play
  • Personal coaching (if time allows)
  • Exam – 1 hour 30 minutes with 75 multiple choice questions
  • 3 year plus experience in project and/or program management
  • 3 year plus as a PMO member or higher i.e., PMO manager
  • Ideally IPMO-F, SC-IPMO, TT-IPMO and IPMO-Sx
  • Ideally a formal PM certification such as PMP® , Prince II® or IPMA® (Levels C or higher i.e., B or A).
  • Educated at degree level or similar
  • The exam is moderated by the instructor at the end of the course
  • Open book exam 75 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 1 hour 30 minutes.

How the Certification Differs from the IPMO-Expert™ Level

Both IPMO-P and IPMO-E certification courses follow similar outlines utilizing AIPMO’s ‘PMO Strategic Life-cycle Framework’. But they address different needs: IPMO-P is focused on the life-cycle for one PMO irrespective of its location in the organization. IPMO-E covers all existing PMOs and potential requirements for new PMOs within the organization and/or partner networks.

The IPMO-E course employs organizational re(design) techniques with-respect-to PMOs and PMO services hence the use of the AIPMO terms ‘PMO topology and PMO Services topology’. IPMO-F certification is for the junior PMO and project team member who need a foundation in both worlds of projects and PMOs. IPMO-F provides overviews of the AIPMO frameworks and terminology, project management terminology, techniques, different methodologies (traditional and Agile) and then covers ‘a week in the life of a PMO team member’. The PMO Services Life-cycle is explained where the PMO services identified, will determine the competencies required for every PMO team member