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    Association for Project Management

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    14 Sept. 2020

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    196 pages

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    Paperback & Kindle


About the book

Engaging Stakeholders on Projects offers a thorough exploration of the subject as outlined in the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition. It provides project professionals with detailed advice, tools, and practical steps to enhance their methods and demonstrates how effectively leveraging the power of people is key to boosting project success.

This book seeks to address central questions, such as what effective engagement looks like, what tools are available, and how to best connect with, engage, and collaborate with stakeholders. It also explores strategies for minimizing conflict and resistance to change and working toward resolution.

Engaging Stakeholders is designed for professionals involved in project delivery. Whether you’re working at the project, program, or portfolio level, you’ll encounter stakeholders in your activities. This book addresses the challenges associated with managing project-driven change within organizations.

AIPMO Review

Rating: 5.7 Engaging Stakeholders on Projects by Elizabeth Harrin provides a solid foundation for understanding stakeholders within an organization, especially for those new to managing multiple people on a project. However, it could be enhanced by considering external stakeholders, including macro-level entities like enterprise-wide stakeholders and regulators.

The text is clear, coherent, and highly readable, with seamless transitions and key takeaways at the end of each chapter that help reinforce understanding. The language is appropriate and deepens comprehension, while the book consistently engages readers with well-paced content. It aligns with the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition and offers practical insights, though it is somewhat generic. Chapter 3 effectively outlines scenarios for stakeholder engagement but could expand on how technology impacts stakeholders. The book briefly mentions gamification but lacks detailed discussion on measuring engagement through data analysis and decision-making. Technologies like learning management systems are pertinent examples.

While some content provides a fresh perspective, it primarily builds on existing ideas without proposing clear alternatives. The book features engaging personal stories and citations that simplify the material, though the stories are brief. It includes some integrated case studies and provides basic analysis, though this may be somewhat superficial. The appendix features three case studies from the Association for Project Management Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group.

Overall, the book serves as a solid introductory resource, comprehensive and practical for professionals new to project management. The author, an award-winning blogger and recognized expert, effectively cites other researchers and actively engages with the community, further underscoring her significant impact and influence.


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