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    November 26, 2022

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    133 pages

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    Paperback, Hardcover & Kindle


About the book

This second edition is part of a book series from AIPMO that is built on a consistent set of frameworks and concepts. Since the initial release of this book in 2017, PMO services have been formalized and comprehensively described, which has contributed  another piece to the PMO puzzle on how to design, build, and operate one or more PMOs.

The updated edition includes the original PMO principles and now provides context on how principles are linked to codes of behavior, culture, values, and bias. PMO services principles and PMO service domain principles have been added. The PMO services principles are described for each of the phases in the PMO services lifecycle framework. The PMO service domain principles are aligned to the PMO service domains described in AIPMO’s PMO Services and Capabilities book, published in May 2022. A method for selecting and applying various types  of principle  (PMO principles, PMO domain principles, and PMO services principles) has been tested on the biggest megaproject in the world and included in this book.

AIPMO Review

Rating: 8.25PMO Principles and PMO Services Principles by Dr. Robert Joslin is the second edition of the original PMO Principles book, and introduces the concepts of “services principles” and “service domain principles,” defining principles for each of the services lifecycle stages and for each of the service domains. Dr. Robert is well known internationally and holds high credibility, and he is also the author of several books, book chapters, and research papers in the fields of PMOs, leadership, project, program, and portfolio management.  
The book is visually appealing with a consistent layout, facilitating a smooth and captivating reading journey across various platforms. The figures and tables are highly relevant and effectively represent the content. The book offers practical solutions for real-world scenarios, blending theory with practice to address PMO design challenges. It provides a recommended list of principles for PMO design and service lifecycle stages, with clear examples of their impact on organizational challenges. Each of the 7 core principles is described, along with approaches for selecting the most impactful ones. It enriches professional practice with innovative solutions, aids decision-making with clear advice, and provides robust solutions for relevant problems. 
Utilizing relevant case studies and examples, supported by robust research, the book enriches the reader’s understanding and engagement.  With a balanced selection of current references, it demonstrates thorough research and a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. 
Although, in places, the book exhibits gaps in coverage which may limit its effectiveness, overall, the book offers valuable perspective on a foundational topic, complemented by practical tips and actionable insights. Additionally, it is extensively researched, drawing from a wide range of academic journals and other sources for references.

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