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What’s Next for PMOs in 2024?

As we get ready for 2024, Project Management Offices (PMOs) have the opportunity of taking or continuing a transformative journey in terms of innovation and adaptability. Many PMOs acknowledge the possibility, but they are stuck in operational issues and need to sort these out before considering something ambitious, as the points listed below. Crafting a

The Role of Diversity in Driving PMO Excellence

In today’s interconnected world, high-performing PMOs have become a pivotal enabler of organizations. As a consequence, PMOs are no longer limited to isolated departments but span organizations, countries, and cultural backgrounds. This increasing diversity brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. One might wonder: How does diversity impact PMO excellence? The multifaceted nature of

A Guide to Successful PMO Stakeholder Management

“Stakeholder Management” is one of the 22 service domains delineated by AIPMO. While other institutes may refer to this domain by different names, such as “stakeholder engagement” or simply “stakeholders,” it’s appropriately termed a “domain.” Thus, appending the term “management” to “Stakeholder” not only ensures consistency in naming domains in general but also aligns with

Kingdom of PMOs: Steering Saudi Arabia Towards Vision 2030

In an era where the world is gradually moving away from traditional energy sources, Saudi Arabia stands at a defining juncture. Having been historically dependent on the petroleum sector since the discovery of oil in 1945, the Kingdom faces a transformative crossroads. Mid- to long-term global demand for oil will decrease as we move onto