AIPMO’s certifications are based on frameworks for structure and content. The content is from both research findings in PMO/Project management and expert knowledge from international practitioners. AIPMO is using a ‘leading standard’ concept including PMO Body of Knowledge which have been tested, implemented and improved over a three-year period. So, we know it works well across all industries and organizations.

AIPMO uses three categories of certifications

The PMO Core certifications were the first to be developed but AIPMO soon realized that the majority PMO and project people lack the level of understanding in techniques required to succeed in their positions. This is also confirmed in various research findings.

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The understanding of techniques and tools is fundamental to every role in PMOs and in projects, program and portfolios (PPP), so the TT-IPMO certification was developed to address this gap.  In addition, AIPMO uses a service management concept which is foundational to every part of the ‘Strategic Lifecycle Framework’. The concept behind the ‘PMO Services and Capability’ book and how the service strategy, service design, etc., needed to be addressed therefore the SC-IPMO foundational certification was developed. Finally, the PMO directors and consultants who impact every aspect of the organization should ideally be experts in frameworks, models, concepts and organizational design. The third foundational course called consulting frameworks addresses this need and is designated CF-IPMO.

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PMO offers a variety of services where each one requires in-depth understanding of the topic. This has led to the third category of certifications called the specialist certification AIPMO’s partner ACEs (Advisory, Consultants, Experts) have written all the specialist courses on behalf of AIPMO. To date, there are fifteen specialist courses for both PMO and project members.

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For the members who which to go to the next level above certifications AIPMO has developed with SBS Swiss Business School an MSc and a DBA for Strategy, Project Leadership and PMOs.

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