CATEGORY: Core Certification

IPMO-P 19-23 July 2020 Live Virtual Course

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

IPMO-P (Practitioner) is one of the three core PMO certifications from AIPMO.  

This course covers topics of strategy formulation and execution, success factors,
success criteria, PMOs and their services, assessment of the current PMO
setups in terms of SWOT and then a roadmap to strategically design and
implement a PMO using an integrated approach to ensure PMO alignment with
organizational objectives. The content of AIPMO’s Body of Knowledge is covered
which will comprise of a series of books covering PMO Principles, Portfolio,
Program and Project Principles, PMO Techniques and Tools, PMO Services and
Capabilities, plus references to other books.

On completing the course, you will be able
to design, establish or revalue your PMO, i.e., a set of services within the
context of your organization and the projects you support. You will understand
the key PMO documentation, how to define and measure PMO performance, PMO
Success, PMO Benefits and PMO Value and link these to the latest thinking in
AIPMO’s new principle-based PMO maturity model. In doing so, you will have the
opportunity to find out why some PMOs might perform below expectations 
and learn how to improve individual and
collective PMO performance in an organization to achieve the maximum
sustainable benefits.

Key Takeaways

•   Understand the
importance of a Strategic PMO Lifecycle framework to design and run PMO
services  to achieve maximum sustainable

•   Describe the
different roles of PMOs across different levels of the organization

•   Hands-on  workshop 
experience  in  applying  
the   Strategic  PMO 
Lifecycle  framework  to your PMO 
with an outcome of  an aligned set
of PMO services that address your organization’s challenges

•   Gain  experience 
in  establishing  the 
mandate  for  PMO 

•   Understand  the 
drivers  of  PMO change 
and  how  to 
see  the  signs

•    Understand PMO
Success and how it is measured

•    Understand the
similarities and differences between organizational project management maturity
and PMO Management maturity

•    Your own PMO
improvement plan

•    Learn new
techniques and tools never used before in the PMO arena


This course is delivered in three formats: live virtual, in-class (F2F), and hybrid (mixture).

To get the most out of this course the class approaches vary e.g., techniques used to deliver the different class formats, the duration of the classes, and the types of exercises.  


Below the start of the course, please read the attached PDFs which give some background information that we reference and/or discuss during the course.

Please review the course slides in advance because there is a lot of detail (especially for the on-line course). You will also get far more at the course because there are likely concepts in the slides that will be new and how they are part of the AIPMO Strategic Lifecycle framework.