13 Feb, 2024 | 14:00 CET | Live Virtual Webinar

To understand the implications of the groundbreaking model Arthur Goetsch and Dr. Robert Joslin will explore the purpose and types of benchmarking, along with prerequisites for a successful benchmarking exercise. Then they uncover the shortcomings of traditional benchmarking models especially when applied to PMOs.

The transition to this groundbreaking approach requires the introduction of the 3 PMO domains of ‘Control,’ ‘Influence,’ and ‘Concern’ domains, which are the missing link to ensuring objective benchmarking that reflects the nature of PMO adaptability. This was only discovered after three years of a lot of experimenting with doctorate students and other experts which resulted in a paper being published at a research conference in Switzerland in 2022.

The webinar will give you a preview of the model, highlighting its transformative impact and practical application.

Several things will only present on the official launch date, but just imagine if you can change the statistics of 1 in 3 PMOs reaching their full potential at points in time to all PMOs continually reaching their full potential – imagine the impact of project success and organizational profitability. One of the reasons for attending this webinar.