Master Class Certifications

Master class certification courses extend the knowledge of the PMO Core certifications and Specialist courses, so you become one of a few elite PMO Master Class professionals. Being a master will not only help you implement the AIPMO frameworks, concepts, and methods, it will help you extend your lead to becoming a PMO Director or equivalent. The content of these courses is also applicable to the project and operational world; therefore, it is an important personal asset throughout your career.

Master class certification courses are as follows:

MA-IPMO (Methods & Artifacts)

The Methods & Artifacts master class certification course is based on two years of research into the link between understanding and successfully applying methods, artifacts, and project success.

SC-IPMO (Services & Capabilities)

This certification course focuses on a pragmatic and practical approach to deliver a series of service principles, concepts, and AIPMO’s Service Lifecycle framework, which is used to develop your organization’s or client’s service topology, and service capabilities. This will give unique and new insights into a service-oriented view of one or more enterprise-wide PMOs.

CF-IPMO (Consulting Frameworks)

This hands-on course brings together the latest in international management consulting experience and academic research to give a consulting overview, then deep dives into a sense-making/strategic problem-solving methodology that uses many frameworks, models, and concepts. The course then takes real problems from the course attendees or any topic that needs to be addressed and follows a framework development methodology to develop custom and hybrid frameworks.