Methods & Artifacts (MA-IPMO®)

The Methods and Artifacts (MA-IPMO) international certification is based on the upcoming book from AIPMO on ‘Project, Program, Portfolio, and PMO Methods and Artifacts,’ which focuses on PPM professionals, PMO professionals, and other technique-driven professions to understand, for the first time, the important details behind ‘what exactly is a method and what is an artifact.’ To aid in understanding the complexities of PPM methods and artifacts, AIPMO has developed a framework within their PMO Lifecycle Framework. This framework guides professionals in determining the following:

  • What are basic artifacts, chains, and CATs
  • How they should be selected and adapted for one or more PMOs
  • Considerations for conducting a pilot using one or more complex chains and CATs
  • Steps for implementing, applying, and utilizing the techniques, including tools to support them

Certified MA-IPMO professionals will have demonstrated, through a combination of formal training and competency assessment, an in-depth understanding of the definitions, types, and structures of PPM and PMO methods & artifacts. They understand the practices, including how to identify needs, select, adapt, pilot, implement, use, and improve methods & artifacts, while taking a holistic view of techniques and methods topology across project types, the organization, and its partners.


A fast-paced and engaging training program, this certification course focuses on a pragmatic approach to deliver a series of principles, concepts, frameworks, and unique insights into methods & artifacts that are considered leading practices.

The course aims to equip participants with a clear method to understand the necessary depth required to maximize their value to their organization. Participants will gain insight into how practical methods & artifacts can be selected, adapted, and used to enhance the likelihood of project and project management success. The course content consistently applies methods & artifacts to various contexts, aiming to promote understanding and create impact across PPM and PMOs.

Throughout the program, discussions will reference participants’ environments, encouraging dialogue to address daily challenges and gain perspective.

The course combines instructor-led sessions with participative activities. Delegates engage in interactive exercises, including detailed case studies and team-based role-playing scenarios, complemented by personal coaching. This approach allows participants to apply theoretical blocks and reinforce key principles through diverse learning activities.

This program integrates knowledge areas (and associated methods & artifacts) from PMI’s PMBOK® 6th edition, Standard for Program Management 4th edition, and Standard for Portfolio Management 4th edition, alongside extensive research on methods & artifacts within the academic community.


What You Need to Know


3 Days

Virtual: 24 Contact Hours




MA-IPMO Certificate

  • List the types of methods & artifacts
  • Demonstrate how to create a methods & artifacts topology by project type, PPM, and across the organization
  • Differentiate between generic and commercial tools and the risks associated with using them
  • Apply the methods & artifacts framework using a detailed case study based on a real project with exercises, role play, and management presentations
  • Gain tips and tricks, experience, and best practice guidelines that relate to methods & artifacts
  • Advise project managers on which methods & artifacts should be applied at which phase within a project lifecycle
  • Know how to build methods & artifacts capabilities within your organization
  • Project leaders, PMO managers, and project managers wishing to formalize and extend their existing methods & artifacts knowledge
  • Any senior project stakeholder wishing or needing to be part of a project team and understand/take the lead on using a variety of methods & artifacts
  • Team leaders
  • Consultants and other professionals who need to deepen their knowledge
  • Team members looking to develop an understanding of the core of project management which is founded on methods & artifacts so that they can best support their project managers
  • Sponsors of projects, who would like to learn more about which methods & artifacts they need to know to be able to support their projects in the most effective way
  • Lecture
  • Team exercises
  • Group discussions on pertinent topics
  • Detailed simulation case study
  • Presentations and role play
  • Personal coaching (if time allows)
  • 1 year plus experience in project and/or program management
  • Ideally a formal PM certification such as PMI’s CAPM®, PMP®, or Axelos’s Prince 2 Practitioner, or IPMA (Levels C or D), IPMO-F
  • Attendees should have a good working knowledge of project management processes, tools, and techniques
  • Educated to degree level or similar
  • An exam is given at the end of the course and moderated by the instructor
  • Open book exam, 50 multiple choice questions
  • Duration: 1 hour