IPMO-PLP® Project Leader Professional

About the IPMO-PLP® Certification

Certified IPMO-PLPs have proven, through a rigorous combination of formal training and competency assessments, that they possess an in-depth understanding of national and international project leadership and management principles and practices. This includes expertise in identifying, selecting, initiating, planning, executing, and closing projects, as well as mastering all aspects of monitoring and controlling to achieve successful project outcomes.


The Project Leader Professional (PLP®) course is a dynamic and engaging training program designed to empower project leaders to drive complex projects to successful outcomes. This course takes a pragmatic approach by incorporating principles, frameworks, methods, and competencies, supplemented by the latest academic research in project leadership. The course content focuses on strategy, leadership, technical, behavioural, and contextual competencies.

Throughout the program, participants’ environments will be referenced to foster discussions that help address and contextualize their daily challenges.

The course combines instructor-led sessions with participative activities. Participants engage in exercises as part of a detailed multi-day case study using gamification, role-play, and storytelling. They will work on team-based case studies involving role-play and personal coaching, allowing them to apply theoretical concepts and reinforce their learning.

Our intensive program is ideal for candidates looking to build on their project management knowledge with a strong leadership focus. It helps participants understand the differences between their current project management practices and the IPMO-PLP project leadership approach. Discussions are encouraged throughout the seminar, providing participants with opportunities to explore and gain knowledge on managing national and international projects and how these projects fit into program and portfolio management. This aids in preparing them for the IPMO-PLP® exam.

This program is built on AIPMO’s strategic project lifecycle framework, research findings from top international project management professors, competencies based on AIPMO’s own competence framework, the latest Agile methods, and aspects of PMI’s performance domains across projects, programs, and portfolios for consistent terminology and understanding. The underlying competencies ensure participants are proficient in both traditional and Agile project management practices. This provides IPMO-PLP course attendees a unique foundation for driving and leading successful national and international projects.


What You Need to Know


5 Days











IPMO-PLP Certificate

  • Understand the structure and approach of successful national and international project leadership
  • Understand and have confidence in how to set up a PMI compliant complex national and international project through real-life case study and examples
  • Gain a broader perspective by understanding how projects fit into portfolios and programs perspectives – the famous eagle view
  • Gain tips and tricks from an internationally experienced project, program and portfolio manager/trainer/consultant
  • Knowledge of how to plan your career in the senior international project leadership arena
  • Understand theories, eponymous laws, and the most used tools & techniques that impact and therefore help or hinder in achieving project success.
  • Understand what is being researched in the field of project leadership and the findings that can help you in your position
  • Project leaders, PMO Managers and Project managers wishing to formalize and extend their existing knowledge from a project competency perspective whilst building on best international practices based on principles, practices, knowledge areas and processes
  • Any senior project stakeholder moving into an international environment wishing to understand the challenges around achieving successful international projects and programs
  • Senior managers/directors who would like to develop their strategic skills for the selection and successful management of projects
  • Team leaders, consultants, working in an international project environment that would like to broaden their understanding of the different perspectives of project management including theories/eponymous laws such as agency theory, stewardship theory, Parkinson’s law, and student syndrome and how these impact project success
  • Team members looking to develop their awareness of international project management and how they can best support their project managers
  • Sponsors of projects, who would like to learn more about how international projects are managed as well as many tips on their role and how to be an excellent and supportive sponsor
  • Lecture
  • Team exercises
  • Group discussions on pertinent topics
  • Detailed five-day Simulation Case Study
  • Presentations and role play
  • Personal coaching (if time allows)
  • Exam – 2 hours with 100 multiple choice questions
  • Discussing the exam answers
  • 3 years’ plus experience in project and/or program management
  • Ideally a formal PM certification such as PMI’s CAPM, PMP, or Axelos’s Prince 2 Practitioner, or IPMA (Levels C or D)
  • Working with Excel and the basic understanding of finance, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), KRIs (Key Risk Indicators)
  • Educated at degree level or similar
  • Attendees should have a good working knowledge of project management processes, tools, and techniques
  • An exam is given at the end of the course moderated by the instructor
  • Open book exam 100 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 2 hours