Services & Capabilities Certification (SC-IPMO)

The Service and Capabilities master class certification course utilizes AIPMO’s Service Lifecycle framework and uses many techniques throughout the course.

This certification course focuses on a pragmatic and practical approach to deliver a series of service principles, concepts, and AIPMO’s Service Lifecycle framework, which is used to develop your organization’s or client’s service topology, and service capabilities. This will give unique and new insights into a service-oriented view of one or more enterprise-wide PMOs.

The course seeks to equip the participants with a clear method to understand the necessary depth of the topic so that they can maximize their value to their organization and create an enterprise-wide PMO Service strategy with its underlying services. The course will also cover the piloting, implementing, running, and, when necessary, transforming/retiring of one or more services within AIPMO’s PMO Services Lifecycle framework.

AIPMO’s integrated frameworks will be covered to ensure a contextual positioning of the PMO Services, especially at the enterprise level.

This course will provide insights that have never been shared before as they will be part of the upcoming AIPMO book on “PMO Services and Capabilities.” The attendees will be able to build their own PMO services strategy and services, which is one of the first steps to ensure that their PMO is both agile and has agility in terms of services offered to their clients.


Organizations that are considering implementing PMOs have to take the fundamental decision on whether to establish a functional (inward-looking) or a service orientated (outward-looking) PMO. The implications of each option have long-lasting effects, which impacts the PMO success and project success, which in turn impacts organizational success. This fundamental decision is covered as part of the course and explains the risks and limitations of inward-looking PMOs.

AIPMO’s focus is on service-orientated PMOs.

For service-oriented PMOs to be able to create a solid foundation and thrive, increasing their indirect and direct impact on organizational performance, they must ensure the success factors are in place throughout their PMO lifecycles. One of the PMO success factors is a “structured service-orientated approach” to select, design, build, operate, and transform/retire services, i.e., AIPMO’s PMO Services Lifecycle FrameworkTM . This framework provides the structure and is core to this course.

The Services and Capabilities Specialists supporting the PMO managers typically focus on the PMO Services, while the PMO managers focus on building their PMOs, leading them to pay more attention to the PMO Lifecycle FrameworkTM. The Services and Capabilities Specialists collectively take the lead to design an enterprise-wide PMO Services topology along with an active role in co-designing the enterprise-wide PMO topology.


What You Need to Know


3 Days

Virtual: 24 Contact Hours





SC-IPMO Certificate

  • Understand how to develop your own PMO Service strategy
  • Know how to apply the AIPMO PMO Services Lifecycle Framework
  • Understand how to design an enterprise-wide PMO Services topology
  • Understand the link between services-oriented PMOs and PMO success
  • Spot the traits and determine root causes of poorly structured PMOs
  • Understand the impact a PMO Services and Capabilities expert can have on PMO success
  • Know the key PMO services documentation as part of the PMO Services Lifecycle Framework
  • PMO managers, PMO team members, and project managers wishing to understand how to create PMO services following AIPMO’s PMO Service Lifecycle framework
  • PMO directors needing to understand how to create the PMO enterprise-wide service offer, which is a part of the AIPMO’s Strategic framework (also contains the Enterprise PMO Topology)
  • Any senior project stakeholder wishing or needing to be part of a project team and understand/take the lead on supporting the development of PMO services
  • Consultants and other professionals who need to deepen their knowledge
  • PMO sponsors, who would like to learn more about how to increase the value of their PMOs and directly benefit their role and their peers’ in the organization

The training approach includes:

  • Short and focused theory blocks
  • Realistic team exercises
  • Group discussions on pertinent topics
  • Analysis of information and presentations of conclusions
  • Realistic role plays
  • Personal coaching (if time allows)
  • 1 year plus experience in project and/or program management
  • Ideally a formal PM/PMO certification such as IPMO-F, IPMO-P, PMI’s CAPM®, PMP®, APM PMQ, or Prince 2 Practitioner
  • Attendees should have a good working knowledge of project management processes, tools, and techniques
  • Educated to degree level or similar
  • An exam is given at the end of the course and moderated by the instructor
  • Open book exam, 50 multiple choice questions
  • Duration: 1 hour