This MSc course (10 ETCS) runs over three weeks (27 July to 14 August). The Aarhus admission requirements are for students who meet the following criteria:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration or a related degree.
  • Exchange students: nomination from your home university
  • Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

You can read more about admission here.

For the students/professionals who are not eligible or accepted

Last year, the ‘Consulting Frameworks, International PMOs and Project Management’ Aarhus course was oversubscribed (119 people applied and 42 accepted). For information: only the Aarhus admissions department determines who will be accepted onto the course.

Last year and this year several students and professionals have written to asking if there was an alternative if they are not accepted or, if they don’t qualify. There is a good alternative from AIPMO (but does offer university ECTs). AIPMO offers two certifications that together cover the agenda of the MSc course.

However, depending on your level of experience in PMOs: you may attend either (IPMO-E and Consulting Frameworks), or, for people will less PMO experience (IPMO-P and Consulting Frameworks).

The combination of the two courses is equivalent to the 15 days part-time MSc course on ‘Consulting Frameworks, International PMOs and Project Management’.

The next AIPMO combination courses (IPMO-E and Consulting frameworks) is from June 17th to June 26th in Zürich, Switzerland.

So if you are not accepted onto the Aarhus MSc class or not eligible then but interested in the above mentioned courses, then please fill out the form provided under the courses below and someone from AIPMO education will get back to you.

17 JUN–19 JUN


22 JUN – 26 JUN


7 DEC- 9 DEC


30 NOV-04 DEC