PMO and Megaproject Masterclasses

AIPMO and DP World are delighted to invite you to an exclusive, invitation-only special Masterclass day. The event features a morning masterclass showcasing the groundbreaking Principle-based PMO Maturity and Impact Model from AIPMO, and an afternoon session focused on designing and building a megaproject from both project and PMO perspectives.


14 May
Masterclass for PMO Maturity Assessment

Join Dr. Robert Joslin, Arthur Goetsch, and Nancy Nouaimeh as they lead the workshop on PMO Maturity Assessment, guiding you through the importance of robust and accurate benchmarking.

14 May
Celebrate Global PMO Day

Get ready to celebrate Global PMO Day with a lineup of impactful events by AIPMO! Together, let’s empower PMOs globally and shape the future of project management offices worldwide!

14 Mar
Launch of AIPMO’s Book Library and Reviews

Join the launch of AIPMO’s Book Library and Reviews, where we’ll highlight the significance of our book review initiative and delve into the inspiration and strategic thinking behind our approach to addressing the challenge of selecting the most valuable reads from a vast pool of over 800 project management books.

22 Feb
AIPMO’s Certification Courses Annual Distinction Awards for 2023

Join Dr. Robert Joslin and Dr. Ralf Müller as they announce the highest achievers of the 2023 AIPMO’s training courses. This includes recognition for the top performers in PMO core courses (IPMO-F, IPMO-P, and IPMO-E), as well as the top teams who excelled in the Case Study presentation for IPMO-P.

13 Feb
A New Era of PMO Maturity Benchmarking

Join Dr. Robert Joslin and Arthur Goetsch as they launch the highly anticipated AIPMO’s PMO Maturity Model. Understand the Essentials of Benchmarking, where the speakers will explore benchmarking in project management, highlighting its significance and foundational principles.

15 Jan
Explore AIPMO’s partnership and PhD program with Alma Mater Europaea – ECM

Join Dr. Robert Joslin ¦ Founder of AIPMO & Dr. Reinhard Wagner they discuss AIPMO’s collaboration with Alma Mater Europaea, showcasing an exclusive PhD program for professionals seeking insights into Strategy, Project, Program, Portfolio Leadership, and PMOs.