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As a PMO Ambassador, you will lead initiatives, foster community growth, and drive the evolution of PMO practices. You’ll be a guide, mentor, and exemplar, setting a standard for excellence and innovation.

Ideally, you possess the following attributes:

• Education: You have completed a master's degree or higher in a related area.
• Chartership: In any industry.
• Certifications: You hold recognized project management and PMO certifications.
• Experience: You bring 15 years or more of PMO/PPM experience, with demonstrated leadership within PMOs and a track record of establishing, operating, or transforming PMOs in various settings.
• Position: Ideally in a leadership position as a PMO or PM Director, manager, or consultant.
• Recognition: Locally, nationally, or internationally and have participated in volunteer initiatives.
• Adaptability: In the ever-evolving landscape of project management, you demonstrate adaptability, quickly adjusting to changes and leading teams through transitions effectively.
• Leadership and Influence: With strong leadership abilities, you guide and influence volunteer teams and stakeholders, mentoring others in PMO best practices.
• Strategic Thinking: You understand the strategic significance of PMOs in achieving business objectives and adeptly align PMO strategies with corporate goals.
• Communication: You have exceptional communication skills, adept at conveying the PMO's value across technical and non-technical audiences.
• Change Management: Skilled in change management, you facilitate and manage organizational change, fostering new practices and technology adoption.
• Networking: Your networking prowess enables you to connect with professionals and leaders across the project management industry globally.
• Passionate Advocate: You are fervently dedicated to promoting the value and impact of effective PMOs.
• Innovative Thinker: You consistently seek out innovative solutions to project management challenges.
• Resilient and Adaptable: You skillfully navigate organizational change and resistance.
• Ethical and Professional: You maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in your work.

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