AIPMO's Book Store Disclaimer and Reviewers Guidelines


All book reviews published on this site represent the personal opinions of the respective reviewers. While our reviewers adhere to a set of guiding principles and utilize a standardized 10-point rating scale to ensure consistency and objectivity, the views and evaluations expressed in each review are the reviewers’ own. These reviews are intended to provide our readers with diverse perspectives and insights, but they should be understood as subjective assessments and not as definitive judgments on the quality or value of the books.



These guidelines serve as a framework for professionals within the AIPMO Book Review Team who are committed to critically evaluating books in the domains of project, program, and portfolio management.

Reviewer Commitment

As a reviewer for AIPMO, you are expected to:

1. Voluntary Participation: Acknowledge that your contributions are voluntary, without compensation, and do not constitute employment by AIPMO.

2. Adherence to Guidelines: Conduct reviews that are comprehensive, unbiased, and consistent with AIPMO’s principles and standards.

 Reviewer Principles

• Objectivity: Promotes an impartial and fair evaluation, focusing on the book’s merits without personal bias.

• Clarity: Facilitates reader comprehension through clear and articulate expression of thoughts and perspectives.

• Credibility: Upholds trust by providing honest, well-founded critiques, enhancing the reliability of the review.

• Integrity: Maintains ethical standards, aligning the review with genuine opinions and principles.

• Utility: Offers practical value by guiding potential readers on the book’s suitability for their preferences.

• Insightful: Adds depth to the review, providing nuanced perspectives on themes and narrative elements.

• Relevance: Places the book within broader literary or societal contexts, emphasizing its significance.

• Comprehensiveness: Delivers a well-rounded evaluation by covering various aspects of the book.

• Quality: Assesses the overall standard, considering writing style, plot development, and character portrayal.

• Coherence: Enhances reader comprehension with a structured presentation for a smooth flow of ideas and arguments.

 3. Conflict of Interest: Transparently disclose any conflicts of interest relevant to the materials you review or the authors.

4. Confidentiality: Maintain the confidentiality of the review process, respecting unpublished content and authors’ rights.

Reviewer Selection Criteria

Reviewers are chosen based on their:

• Expertise in PMO, PPM, and related fields.

• Commitment to principles-based evaluations.

• Ability to articulate clear, constructive feedback.

• Publication and use of reviews.

AIPMO reserves the right to publish reviews on its platforms, which may be edited for clarity, length, and adherence to our style guidelines.

Legal Considerations and Ethics

Reviewers must abide by legal standards concerning copyright, defamation, privacy, and disclosure, ensuring that reviews are fair, respectful, and within legal use parameters.

Re-rating and Adjustments

Following the publication of the book review, authors are encouraged to provide feedback. However, any adjustments to the score will be made at the sole discretion of the review team.

Discontinuation of Reviewer Engagement

Reviewers may be relieved from their role for failing to adhere to these guidelines. 


Your submission of a review signifies your agreement to these guidelines. Amendments will be communicated and will require your consent.


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