To become AIPMO Certified, you first need to attend a training course. Training courses are available through AIPMO® Accredited Partners from the list below. Reserve the course related to certification you are interested in, at a location of your preference.

IPMO Advisory AG is a Swiss company located on the lake of Zürich and has extensive experience across many sectors in innovation, design, teaching, advisory, and consulting. They are focused on training, development solutions, and higher education to the MSc and DBA levels in the field of Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs.

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Causal Capital is a global training and consulting company working across multiple disciplines, with a presence in Asia Pacific, the Gulf and Europe. They provide guidance and bespoke solutions for a wide range of learning requirements.


Glenfis conveys knowledge and competencies that help to increase the quality of cloud and sourcing strategies, and of IT compliance, governance, and security and service management. Throughout, customers are provided with optimum support towards successful deployment and application.

WHITECOM Project Experience is a consulting and training company specializing in the development of customized integrated services in project management and project portfolio management area. The company’s mission is to support customers into improving and developing their employees and organizations. WHITECOM Project Experience offers audits, trainings, advisory, mentoring and PPM software implementation. Our aim is to provide the best possible solutions that increase the efficiency of your project and your organization.

The Half Double Institute is an impartial and non-profit foundation with the purpose of increasing the rate of success in projects all over the world. It has global coverage.

CMCS Kuwait helps in enforcing project governance by implementing the best practices of project management processes, transparency in capturing data, accountability by who is providing the data, traceability by locating the source of the reported data and documents, real-time tracking of actions, and single version of the true report of projects’ health and performance.