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Dual review system comprising quicker assessments using a 5-point scale and detailed evaluations on a 10-point scale

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AIPMO's Book Library is your A to Z guide to the Project and PMO world, offering a comprehensive collection of book reviews that underscore AIPMO's role as a PMO influencer and advocate for community engagement

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We follow a dual review system, providing expedited 5-point assessments and detailed 10-point evaluations, ensuring readers gain insightful perspectives across various formats for informed choices

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Our book review team comprises seasoned professionals with a distinctive blend of practical expertise and literary insight, ensuring comprehensive and discerning book reviews

How we craft our reviews

At AIPMO, we’re dedicated to shaping the Projects & PMO landscape through our book review section, creating a space that fosters knowledge-sharing and empowers authors for the benefit of the broader PMO community. We utilize a dual review system, adjusting our approach to suit diverse resources.

We conduct quicker 5-point assessment to ensure flexibility and accessibility, benefiting both authors and readers alike. Our meticulous 10-point evaluations of the books thoroughly examine content, structure, and overall merit.

Within the AIPMO Book Review Team, seasoned professionals in project management, portfolio management, and organizational excellence bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to our rigorous review process. The review team upholds fundamental principles—objectivity, clarity, and credibility—crafting compelling analyses that deepen our readers’ understanding of the material. This commitment not only elevates the quality and reliability of our reviews but also contributes to the overall value of this resource for our readers. Thank you for being a part of our community and journey towards excellence in PMO literature!

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Swift 5-point evaluation, ensuring flexibility and accessibility

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Meticulous 10-point evaluations, thoroughly examining content, structure, and overall merit

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