AIPMO IPMO Master Certifications

Master in PMO’s

IPMO Advisory is proud to be one of the exclusive training providers for the AIPMO – Association of International PMO’s from Switzerland.  

The IPMO Master Certifications programme certifies specific expertise of International Project Management Office Professionals to test the ability and capability from individual and organizational perspectives.

By earning IPMO Master Certifications (IPMO-M & IPMO-MIT), IPMO Certified Professionals can enhance their IPMO Core Certifications, maintaining continuously update their Certification Status. For those not yet IPMO certified professionals, earning the IPMO Master Certifications gives a wide knowledge in the most updated tools and techniques used related to each certification specialist area, being part of a networking Association of both practitioners and academics.



The IPMO-MIT is a Master Information Tools certification, it is one of the IPMO® Masters Certifications. This credential assesses the candidate in the master of tools and information systems within a PMO context The IPMO-MIT certifies and recognize professionals who have International PMO competencies at a Master level, which means professionals ready to hold a leadership position within their organization. Benefit from a flexible approach to learning with an experienced faculty as you apply an exhaustive competency to master tools and information systems within a PMO context. The programme is designed by experienced academics and international practitioners which will equip you with the latest industry theory and practice including many non-conventional tools and techniques such as systems modeling, single and double loop learning systems and complex adaptive systems. The professional recipient is composed as following: Experienced core team members; Project/program/portfolio managers; Senior Management/Functional managers; PMO Directors/IT Directors; Project/program management professionals; Consultants (involved in projects and/or organizational change); Engineers; team members; Project Leaders; Risk Managers; Risk Engineers; Leaders Engineers. Duration Depending on the university, but typically 12 to 18 months. However individual modules can be trained separately and placed within an existing MSc, therefore individual module durations can vary typically from a few days to two weeks.


Understand to successfully lead, innovate, and run project and programs in a dynamic international environment Know building blocks for strategy formulation, strategy execution and how to write and implement successful business cases Able to design and implement a strategic framework to initiate portfolios, programs and projects Be one of a small group who really understands success factors based on empirical findings of projects, programs, and portfolio Know how to define and measure success, objectively Understanding of building governance and management frameworks and how to implement them for projects, programs and portfolios Learn how to build the context and justification for enterprise PMOs Really understand the meaning, and types of methodologies (including then meaning of Agile), ISO and other standards in project, programs and portfolios Understand what are mega projects, how to manage complexity and tips and traps The understanding of the human factors, including communications, ethics and psychology of project management Through a detailed case study understand the triggers for a portfolio, program and project and how to setup and run then whilst address the competencies required to achieve success project and project management outcomes Get insights into the project related latest research to give you the edge in your profession as well as what could come next in your career.