SBS-Swiss Business School & AIPMO

The SBS/AIPMO MSc and DBA programs are titled “Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs,” which allows the candidates to select and develop inter-domain topic from an MSc level and if they choose to develop the research further at the doctorate level.

SBS/AIPMO graduates have unique opportunities to select topics that can directly impact the direction of PMOs because AIPMO uses the concept of a “leading” (research driven) PMO standard. This means that research findings clarify confusion, and little understood areas within the PMO management domain will quickly be included into the training materials and/or exercises of AIPMO certification courses. The research findings will be tested in context of the courses and then used as input to the next version of AIPMO’s PMO Body of Knowledge.

Referring to the figure on the right, PMO professionals taking graduate degrees will be guided as to which topics need urgent research. If they choose to select these topics, they are likely to help contribute to the evolution of PMO management. In addition, they will be contributing in developing building blocks for the PMO management profession.

People who make the biggest impact working in and around PMOs should also be recognized as candidates for the C and n-1 levels. Obtaining certifications helps to ensure their depth of understanding in PMO management and project management, but there is no substitute for a graduate degree, which is typically one of the short list criteria for C-level applications.

The majority of attendees for AIPMO’s IPMO-P and IPMO-E have a degree and around 20% to 40% have an MSc. Approx. 5% have a doctorate and are typically in a PMO director role. AIPMO recognizes the importance of graduate degrees from reputable universities/business schools and therefore partnered with SBS Swiss Business School to create the first MSc and DBA in the world for PMOs professionals in the domain of PMO Management. SBS Swiss Business school is ranked consistently within the percentile depending on the type of ranking.

MSc in Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs

AIPMO has partnered with the SBS Swiss Business School to offer the first MSc in the world for professionals who need to understand Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs.

SBS Swiss Business School is one of the top business schools in Switzerland. The MSc in Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs has been created by AIPMO, and the program is jointly delivered by professors from both AIPMO and the SBS Swiss Business School.

This unique program uses the top professors in the world to deliver project, leadership, and PMOs modules. Professor Ralf Müller, Professor Aaron Shenhar, and Professor Robert Joslin teach alongside SBS Swiss Business School professors.

The SBS Swiss Business School Master of Science (MSc) in Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs is a part-time, one-year, 90-ECTS program, which provides an in-depth examination of global strategy, PMOs, projects, programs, and portfolios ranging from complexity, megaprojects, and competencies to cross-cultural leadership. The language of instruction is English.

The SBS Swiss Business School MSc in Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs is a direct-entry program requiring no previous professional or work experience. It utilizes an innovative approach to team-based learning that reflects today’s progressive workplace. The SBS Swiss Business School and AIPMO’s joint MSc will open the door to the international career opportunities by allowing you to understand, create, and lead complex operational and project related areas at the highest levels.

Aside from the regular in-class sessions and coursework, SBS Swiss Business School also arranges for its students value-added activities including CV Writing and HR Workshops; Guest Speakers; Language Lessons; Company Visits; Career Opportunities, and more. Students benefit from these activities by learning more about industries, companies, and business practices that are involved in these events, and extending their networks and realizing opportunities that are in line with their career goals.

The SBS Swiss Business School’s joint MSc is a one-year program:

First Year

In a year’s time, students will complete the academic courses and studies. This period concludes with the submission and defense of a thesis in front of a panel jury. Students are encouraged to choose a business-related subject linked to their prospective career. This project is mentored by an SBS Swiss Business School approved supervisor or instructor.

Students who successfully complete the academic and professional experience requirements will be awarded the degree of Master of Science in Strategy, Project Leadership, and PMOs from the SBS Swiss Business School and accredited by AIPMO.