AIPMO - Advisor, Consultant and Expert (ACE) Training Program Certification

AIPMOis ACE (Advisory, Consultant and Expert) certification is only open when AIPMO’s partners need additional professionals for training, consulting, professional development and advisors. AIPMO is responsible for running these ACE training courses to ensure that every AIPMO partner’s course facilitator understands the philosophy behind AIPMO which is underpinned by our international experience of Projects, Programs, Portfolios (PPP) and PMOs. Once certified as an AIPMO Advisor, Consultant and Expert (ACE) trainer, the course facilitator can work for any AIPMO certified partner.

Certified AIPMO ACE trainers have demonstrated their international impact through their track record, reputation, participation on the AIPMO ACE expert training program, exam results and case study. Note: If an certified ACE is no longer working for a partner then they are no longer eligible to call themselves an ACE.


Until now, there had been little understanding on what basis to structure PMOs with respect to the similarities and differences between the project and operational environments. This may be why less than 33% of PMOs reach the full potential[1] indicating a limited understanding in how PMOs should be defined not only at the project, program and portfolio levels, but also in case of organizational enterprise PMOs, departmental PMOs, divisional PMOs and research PMOs. AIPMO’s experience confirms that there is little to no knowledge on how to design a PMO topology nor a PMO service topology  to address organizational issues irrespective of industry, organization type and size[2]. AIPMO has had a breakthrough in PMO topology design which is reflected in all the core certification courses and the upcoming PMO body of knowledge (a series of books). . The level and depth of understanding required to give the core certifications, foundational certifications and PMO specialist certifications requires the best professionals in the world. Hence why AIPMO is looking for future ACEs to work for and with its partners.


ACE candidates join one of the IPMO-E expert courses given by Dr Robert Joslin or another council member from AIPMO. The ACEs will follow the same course as other non ACE attendees but they are asked to take  consulting leads and assigned complex organizational and PMO problems throughout the course including the workshop sessions.

During the course the ACE candidates’ competencies are evaluated to understand if they are suitable to become an ACE. For the IPMO-E exam, ACE candidates will need to get 80% or high in the exam. If the grade is achieved then there are two more steps to complete to become an ACE – a consultative assignment and an Advisory assignment. If all three steps of becoming an ACE are successfully competed then the ACE certificate is awarded.

What You Need to Know


5 Days








IPMO-E & ACE Certificate

Understand the value of the AIPMO Master frameworkTM and how to apply it Know how to create an enterprise PMO Strategy and implement it Work through your PMO related organizational issues, develop a high-level PMO topology and PMO Services topology for your organization and get expert feedback on the process and outcome Describe the different roles of PMOs in a single and networked context and across different levels of the organization Understand project management maturity, PMO maturity and how they are related Gain hands-on experience in applying the PMO lifecycle through the 5-day case study to create and implement an optimum topology of PMOs with the services and capabilities Understand the competencies required for the different levels of PMO responsibilities including the roles of project, program, portfolio and functional managers Understand how to spot and support under-performing PMOs Learn new techniques and tools never used before in the PMO arena.

AIPMO ACE certification IPMO-E® certification

Consultants and professionals aiming to be an ACE trainer PMO Experts who want to gain IPMO-E® certification and observe/benefit from ACE candidate trainers

  • Lecture
  • Team exercises
  • Group workshop sessions
  • Detailed case study
  • Presentations and role play
  • Personal coaching (if time allows)
  • Two-hour exam (100 questions – multiple choice). For ACE candidate trainers an additional expert case study or consulting assignment, and an advisory assignment.


    • 10 years’ experience in project, program or portfolio management
    • 2 year plus as a PMO manager/PMO Director
    • IPMO-P® certification, or PMI®[1]‘s PMP®[2] or AXELOS Practitioner levels in MSP®[3], P3O®[4], MoP®[5] or IPMA®[6] (Levels C or higher i.e., B or A)

    Pre-requisites (ACE) including IPMO-E pre-requisites

    • 10 years’ experience in project, program and portfolio management
    • 5 years’ plus as a PMO manager, a PMO Director or a Consultant
    • International experience and known in the region/country
    • 5 years international ACE training experience; ideally with a professional training organization, a consulting company or a university
    • BSc as a minimum and ideally MSc and/or DBA/PhD
    • Fluent English; other languages ideal
  • Exam given at the end of the course moderated by the ACE instructor
  • Open book exam 100 multiple choice questions
  • Duration 2 hours (pass rate 80%)
  • Expert case study or consulting assignment
  • Advisory assignment