Selecting the right organizations to partner with and then growing these relationships will reflect directly in the benefits AIPMO’s members will receive.

AIPMO has three categories of partners: Academic and Journal Partners, Accredited Partners and Strategic Partners.

academic & journal partners

Academic partners research into topics of importance in-and-around PMO Management, Strategy, Project Leadership and Organizational Project Management.

The journal partners help ensure the students know which journals they can publish in even if they are not all aiming for a top tier journal.

accredited partners

They have been accredited to offer courses based on AIPMO certifications.

Accredited partners may have their own ACE professionals who have been specially selected and trained to be awarded the ACE badge. If not then they have access to AIPMO’s ACE community who can train for any accredited partner.

strategic partners

These include other associations, organizations, institutes and specialist partners.

These type of partnerships are essential for providing insight and growth to the association for expanding its reach, its quality, and its overall performance in the PMO communities.