PMO as a Profession - Vision & Strategy

This initiative is a workshop aimed at PMO managers/PMO directors who want to develop their own organization’s PMO Vision and strategy


Today, with the increasing focus on PMOs and their potential to directly and indirectly impact project, program and portfolio success; the necessity to understand the inhibitors of creating a career in the PMO has never been higher. If these inhibitors are not resolved they will reduce PMOs ability to attract and retain talent. This in turn will impact the likelihood of PMOs not achieving their maximum potential benefits across the domain of projects, programs and portfolios.

The first part of the workshop will show the causal links derived from both experiences gain from three years of AIPMO’s courses/workshops andresearch  to create a PMO management profession. The attendees will be placed into teams and assigned topics. The findings brought together to create the path to a profession in PMO management.

The second part of the workshop the attendees will break into smaller teams to create their own company’s PMO baseline(s). Once completed the facilitator will give an overview of findings from AIPMO’s PMO Vision 2030 initiative. This will help the teams to visualize the future so helping them create their own company’s PMO Vision 2025. The third and final part of the workshop will be to link their company’s ‘PMO baseline’ with their PMO Vision 2025 hence creating their own PMO strategy. Time permitting additional information can be added to create more value for the attendees e.g., PMO Mission, PMO services, PMO Principles, goals and KPIs.

Benefits to Attendees

  1. Know the building blocks for creating a PMO management profession and your role to realize it
  2. Understand the current state of PMOs from a local Swedish and international perspective
  3. As part of a PMO community of practice team – create your PMO 2025 vision including strategic implementation plan
  4. Opportunities to discuss, challenge and help form ideas which can be developed into actionable plans
  5. Plan your career in PMO Management including the option of taking an MSc and DBA in PMO management to move to executive management
  6. Raise topics of discussion


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