AIPMO Core PMO Certifications

AIPMO’s Core Certification Programme includes three levels of certifications, designed to measure a person’s competencies (knowledge and skills) to identify, justify, design, implement and run one or more PMOs.


The three levels are:


The Foundation level certification is for PMO team members, project team members and any stakeholders involved in a PMO. It sets the foundational knowledge required to understand the mechanics of projects, programs, portfolios and PMOs, and how to become a competent PMO team member of a project, program, portfolio, and PMO.

Take a look at the IPMO-Foundation course if you are involved in the running, monitoring and controlling of a PMO.


The Practitioner level certification is for PMO Managers, Directors, Consultants and experienced PMO team members looking to enter a PMO management role. It focuses on APMO’s PMO Lifecycle Framework and provides an in-depth understanding of PMO principles and practices including the design, implementation, and operation of organizational or initiative specific PMOs. It also covers to a lesser degree AIPMO’s PMO services lifecycle framework which is covered in detail as one of AIPMO’s foundational courses PMO Services and Capabilities.

Take a look at the IPMO-Practitioner course if you are designing, implementing and running one organizational PMO or initiative specific PMOs.


The expert level certification is the most advanced in the world and is for senior PMO Managers, PM and PMO directors, and Senior Consultants who are involved in one or more PMOs justifying, designing, managing and/or consulting in this area. The certification focuses on AIPMO’s strategy lifecycle at the strategy level and includes aspects of management consulting, PMO topology and organizational design. The certification course is split between the theory, discussions and a two day conductive workshop to solve organizational design and other challenges.

Take a look at the IPMO-Expert course if you architect and/or adapt a PMO topology across a part or all of an organization/s