PMO and Megaproject Masterclasses

Morning Masterclass:
PMO Maturity and Impact Assessments

Afternoon Masterclass: Designing and Building Your Own Megaproject – Perspectives from Project and PMO Teams

PMO-MI® Workshop

Special invitation

We are delighted to invite you to a workshop that showcases the ground-breaking Principle-based PMO Maturity and Impact Model from AIPMO.

This unique model/tool is the first of its kind to not only assess a PMO’s maturity but also its impact within your organization.

Learn from the Experts

Robert Joslin

Founder - AIPMO

Stephan Ower

Business Manager Tiba Schweiz

Nancy Nouiameh

Head of Consulting, IPMO Consulting


Thanya Wisetmuen
Lilly Paunova
Ethan Joslin

Why attend the morning session?

• Explore the empirically developed PMO maturity and impact model.
• Transform your organization’s PMO management practices.
• Maximize and measure the benefits of your PMO.
• Connect with peers and industry leaders.

Schedule of morning Masterclass

08:00-08:20 GST
08:20-08:45 GST
09:00-10:20 GST
Presentations - Maturity Model
10:20-10:40 GST
10:40-12:00 GST
Assessments Maturity Model
12:00-12:10 GST

Afternoon Masterclass: Designing and Building Your Own Megaproject – Perspectives from Project and PMO Teams

Why attend the evening session?

This session covers the causes and cures of megaprojects, guided by experts with extensive megaproject experience. You’ll understand risk causality, develop a megaproject methodology, and build your own megaproject while competing against other teams. PMO team members will learn how a well-designed PMO target operating model can reduce megaproject risks and play an integral part in the workshop and its outcomes.

• Understand the complexities and risks of megaprojects.
• Address risks with a well-designed PMO target operating model.
• Design and apply a megaproject methodology.
• Collaborate in teams to build the best megaproject.
• Gain insights into the impact of PMOs in megaprojects.

Schedule of afternoon Masterclass

11:45-12:10 GST

Afternoon session only

12:10-13:10 GST
13:20-13:40 GST
13:50-15:00 GST
Presentations - Megaprojects
15:00-15:45 GST

Design Your Own Methodology
Set Up the Dashboard
Briefing of the PMO Team Members

15:45-16:45 GST
Build your Megaproject
16:45-17:00 GST
17:00-17:30 GST
Certificates and Close

PMO Masterclass Certificates

Event Details

Date: 10 June, 2024

Time: 08:00 – 17:30

Location: DP World, X574+89F – Al Forsan Crescent, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Important: Workshop participants are expected to bring their own laptops to use the on-line PMO Maturity and Impact model.

These complimentary events include lunch and a masterclass certificate upon completion. It’s an exclusive opportunity for PMO and PM influencers in the region to learn to apply their skills and work in teams to solve complex problems with outcomes.