IPMO-PLP® Project Leader Professional from AIPMO

The IPMO-Project Leader Professional (PLP®) international certification from AIPMO is based on the latest research on project leadership competency areas.

IPMO-PLP certification focuses on the most important areas a project leader professional must understand and excel to so as to greatly increase the probability of project and program management success.

AIPMO has purposely used the term ‘Project Leader’ rather than ‘Project Manager’ because research shows the importance of leadership to drive projects whereas management is more associated in today’s world with running operational environments. This may be part of the reason why project success rates are so low because of the perception and reality of projects being managed and not being lead. The Figure below shows that the majority of international project management certifications focus on project management rather than project leadership.

Today’s world is very different from the last century where the complexity associated with outsourcing, partnership, cross charging, and the internet has made and empowered project stakeholders who have multiple perspectives and objectives.

The IPMO-PLP® certification is a 21st century designed certification encompassing such complexities and provides a path to success.