Specialist Certifications Across PPM & PMOs

AIPMO’s specialist courses across PMOs, projects, programs, and portfolios have been developed from AIPMO’s “PMO and Services Capabilities” initiative, which outlines around 300 PMO services. These services have been identified from the thousands of PMOs whose members have been either trained on AIPMO partner courses or from AIPMO’s ACEs observations or from research findings.

AIPMO’s specialist courses are not just for PMO professionals (to help them build  PMO service capabilities), but also for professionals working in or associated with projects, programs, and portfolios. All AIPMO PMO/project management specialist courses contribute towards you or your team’s AIPMO specialist certification level. These courses are also aligned to AIPMO’s “PMO Services and Capabilities” catalog and therefore help project professionals working within a structure project environment.

AIPMO offers the PMO/PM specialist accreditation with five specialist levels – IPMO-S1 to IPMO-S5, where S5 is the highest level. To achieve IPMO-S1 (Specialist level 1), you must complete 50 contact course hours. Then to reach the next specialist level, additional 50 contact course hours are required. You will attain the S5 certification level once you have in total 250 contact course hours. You can choose from any specialist course depending on your requirement and add to your contact course hours.

Note: Coaching hours are also included as part of the contact hour calculations, which are offered as part of the AIPMO’s partners’ service offering.