CATEGORY: Foundational Certifications

CF-IPMO (22 – 24 October 2023)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This hands-on course brings together the latest in international management consulting experience and academic research to give a consulting overview then deep-diving into a sense-making/strategic problem-solving methodology that uses many frameworks, models, and concepts. The course then takes real problems from the course attendees or any topic which to address and follows a framework development methodology to develop custom and hybrid frameworks.

This major and intensive part of the course uses techniques taken from the management consulting industry such as framing problems, hypothesis creation, MECE issues, and decision trees. Techniques are taught on the course to ensure the participants not only know them how to apply them but when to apply them. Presentations are developed through an iterative process including giving tips on presentation techniques. As part of the course consulting packs are developed using standard and custom frameworks, models, and techniques that are related to the industry of the attendees. Attendees work in teams and play different roles to come to the conclusion of the course where the final presentations are given to the group.