Advancing PMO Standards And Excellence

In the realm of PMO management, the Association of International Project Management Officers (AIPMO) is a beacon of quality and effectiveness, dedicated to PMO professionals as well as project, program, and portfolio managers from various industry sectors around the globe.

AIPMO’s vision to identify and implement the building blocks for PMO management is paramount. The goal? To elevate PMO management into a recognized international profession. This vision is supported by a mission to advance the theory, design, and implementation of high-performing collaborative PMOs, ensuring they create a sustainable, measurable organizational impact.

Elevating PMO Management: A Visionary Approach

The strategic lens of AIPMO focuses on evolving the PMO strategic lifecycle framework, which is one of ten integrated frameworks that covers PMO management. By doing so, an environment of continuous research, development, and partnering is fostered, and strides are made toward the establishment of PMO management as a distinct profession.

A significant part of AIPMO’s contribution is its active involvement in defining the PMO management domain. Through collaborations with organizations, institutions and professionals, both academic and practitioner-oriented, the organization is continuously pushing the limits of understanding through its direct and indirect research, new PMO target operating models, and publishing books, chapters, and research papers. It’s not just about creating a framework; it’s about ensuring PMOs operate efficiently, reaping benefits unattainable in a makeshift approach. Hence AIPMO has developed new concepts such as the PMO’s three domains and how they are applied to determine a PMO’s maximum potential benefits, PMO target operating model, PMO topology, and PMO service topology, to name a few. What is special is that it covers not one PMO but any number of PMOs irrespective of type and industry.

Bridging Knowledge and Practicality: AIPMO’s Multifaceted Contributions

AIPMO also prides itself on its extensive certification programs based on research findings applied within all the courses. AIPMO’s PMO Core Certifications are focused on using their strategic lifecycle framework, PMO Specialist Certifications delve into the intricacies of delivering identified PMO services, and Master Class Certifications are essential for every professional in the field. With over 3,000 professionals already having taken AIPMO’s certifications, the journey to establishing a robust PMO career pathway is well underway.

Education and career advancement play a pivotal role in AIPMO’s objectives. The organization has been proactive in addressing this by developing a PMO life journey, aligned with their vision. By offering new online specialist courses and master class certifications certifications essential across every PMO, AIPMO is setting benchmarks in education. AIPMO also has a PhD program in conjunction with Alma Mater Europaea.

The emphasis on quality and effectiveness is further underlined by the introduction of the ACE instructor program, representing “Advisors, Consultants, and Experts.” These individuals are not just trainers but are recognized at the pinnacle of their fields. They’re adept at addressing client-specific problems, integrating workshops into certification courses, and bringing a unique blend of advisory, consulting, and expert knowledge to the table.

The Educational Pillar: Certifications and Career Advancements

AIPMO is now in its 8th year and has a comprehensive strategy that is unique in how certification are developed and evolved. The approach to research, design, test, and then write the content into courses is in full progress. Four books have been completed and published and others are in the process of being written. It is a multi-year journey where every AIPMO member and guest can directly influence the content and direction of PMO management through its real case studies, results from research findings, reviews of the materials, and application of the principles, framework, concepts, methods, and artifacts.

AIPMO’s Body of Knowledge

What do people think of AIPMO’s certification courses? They are often called the thinking certifications as you have to apply concepts and abstract just like the real world in PMO and PPM. Nearly everyone wished the courses go on longer because of the amount to learn but also the fact they can apply it in the real case studies, which are an integral part of the courses. For those interested to follow-up, AIPMO publishes testimonials on its website and on LinkedIn on a weekly basis, which shows the difference it is making in people’s understanding of PMO management and PPM in general.

AIPMO has a five-year strategic plan to help drive toward it vision. It’s a long-term endeavor of pushing the limits of understanding, shaping and forming the profession, but well worth because of the impact we are making in the community, including reducing the number of failed initiatives.

For anyone looking to elevate their professional standing in PMO, AIPMO offers the ideal platform. Dive deeper into AIPMO’s certifications and services, and be part of this transformative movement in PMO management.



    AIPMO is the Association of International Project Management Officers, founded in 2015.

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