Unbiased Book Reviews: How Our Book Review Team Ensures Fair Selection and Evaluation

As AIPMO prepares to launch its Book Library with the “10-Point” Review System, this blog serves as the latest installment in the series focusing on insights into AIPMO’s Book Review Initiative.

Navigating the world of book selection is fraught with hidden biases, often leading readers in the wrong direction. Our book review team, consisting of avid readers and scholars, many of whom are pursuing doctoral degrees, understands the disappointment of investing in a book that fails to deliver. We’ve experienced the frustration of wasted time and the disappointment of unmet expectations. With that in mind, AIPMO has developed a scientifically-grounded method to evaluate books, designed to equip potential readers with the necessary insights to make informed purchasing decisions.

The Challenge of Bias in Books

Bias can distort the book selection process, limiting exposure to diverse perspectives. It can stem from a variety of sources – from the allure of a bestseller list to the comfort of familiar authors. These biases can eclipse diverse voices and narrow the scope of cultural and intellectual exposure. Recognizing this, our team has committed to a rigorous process that champions diversity and challenges the status quo. Our team aims to create a fair environment, ensuring a wide array of voices are heard and considered.

Establishing Our Book Review Team

Each team member brings a wealth of knowledge, bolstered by a passion for reading and a commitment to academic excellence. Our shared experiences as consumers of books drive our dedication to providing trustworthy reviews.


Defining Our Selection Criteria

We’ve established a robust set of criteria that serve as our objective standard. These guidelines help us evaluate a book’s merit, focusing on its ability to inform and engage readers, rather than its marketing prowess or popularity.

The Review Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Our process is straightforward and transparent:

  1. Research and Nomination: Books are selected based on their potential value to the reader.
  2. Preliminary Assessment: Initial reviews are conducted to ensure the book meets our basic criteria.
  3. Detailed Evaluation: A deeper analysis follows, examining the content for depth, accuracy, and relevance. This takes a minimum of 8 hours reading the book, taking notes and structuring the comments in a 10-point review system. There is also a benchmarking process to ensuring consistency of reviews.
  4. Quality Assurance Review: An independent QA reviewer assesses the evaluations to mitigate any residual bias.
  5. Resolution of Scoring Discrepancies: In the event of differing views on scoring, reviewers discuss and resolve these differences. In rare cases, a third person is brought in to resolve differing reviews and scoring differences.
  6. Final Scoring: The team reaches a consensus, ensuring that every reviewed book stands up to our review standards of quality and objectivity.

To delve deeper into each point mentioned above, we invite you to join us for the Book Review launch and keep an eye out for upcoming blogs.

 Improving Review Integrity

In our quest for excellence, we place a high priority on maintaining review integrity:

  1. Training for Objectivity: Our reviewers are trained to recognize and counteract bias, ensuring that each book is evaluated on its own merits. This commitment to impartiality ensures the integrity of our review process.
  2. The Role of the QA Reviewer: The QA reviewer’s role is critical in our process, serving as a checkpoint to validate the objectivity of our reviews.
  3. Escalation and Resolution: When disagreements occur, we engage in a structured dialogue to resolve differences, ensuring that our final recommendations are the result of a fair and balanced assessment.
  4. Impact and Outcomes: Our goal is to provide a selection of books that fulfill the promise of quality and value, validated by our rigorous review process.


Our team’s expertise and methodical approach provide a solid foundation for readers seeking trustworthy book recommendations. We’ve been in your shoes, and we leverage our collective experience to guide you to the best books on the market.

Call to Action

Join us in this book review journey by staying tuned to AIPMO’s LinkedIn updates. Suggest titles, engage with our reviews, and let us help you find books that are truly worth your time and investment. Don’t miss out—register today for the launch of AIPMO’s Book Library featuring a comprehensive 10-point review system: https://www.aipmo.org/upcoming-events/



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